Born: Selkirk, Manitoba
Current Province: Manitoba

Position: Batter
Batting Style: Right-hand
National Team Debut: 2008 in Trinidad; friendly matches
Major Teams: New Edinburgh Cricket Club

Career outside cricket: Research scientist

Describe first exposure and experience with cricket I showed up at Rideau Hall in Ottawa one evening and asked the guys practising if I could try it out.  I think it is fair to say that they were shocked.  It just progressed from there - over the weeks they saw I wasn't afraid of the ball, that I could catch and throw, and that I really was interested in the sport.  I ended up playing with the great bunch of guys at New Edinburgh Cricket Club, and they supported me all the way to the national team.

Personal highlight/favourite memory from playing for Canada Playing Argentina in our opening match in Florida in 2009.  Mona and I had settled in nicely batting and we were steadily chasing the Argentinians score.  We took it nice and easy and were totally in control.  It was a nice and relaxing start to a successful tournament.