Sat, 06/18/2011

The Manitoba Cricket Association has selected the resort of Gimli, Manitoba as the site of their newest cricket ground.

The ground, slated to open this year, is a regulation size cricket facility with all necessary facilities and will serve the needs of the growing cricket population in Southern Manitoba.

Thu, 06/16/2011

With the conclusion of the school year fast approaching across the country, Cricket Canada KIDS continues to bring cricket to school children nationwide. This past week, Cricket Canada KIDS visited Park Lawn Junior Middle school in Toronto. Over the course of two days another 200 students at the school were introduced to the game of cricket.

Cricket Canada are very grateful for the opportunity to come into Park Lawn and introduce cricket to the school. It was a great time for both the kids and our instructors and we look forward to supporting their fledgling cricket program next school year.

Cricket Canada KIDS has been very active in 2011 in conjunction with the Toronto and District Cricket Association and the Cricket Council of Ontario in visiting schools in the province of Ontario.

In addition to the Park Lawn visit, Cricket Canada continues to visit schools throughout the country. This week, particular focus will be spent in Quebec City where, in conjunction with the Quebec Cricket Federation, Cricket Canada will deliver the KIDS program to teachers in the Quebec City area.

Cricket Canada has more visits planned in the next few weeks before focusing on community initiatives nationwide for the summer month. Please contact Cricket Canada KIDS for more information on programs in your area.

Cricket Canada KIDS is the official and widely successful national schools and community initiative run by Cricket Canada. Through the program Cricket Canada, through its member organizations, visits schools and supports community initiatives throughout the country introducing the game of Cricket and helping both students and educators develop skills and an understanding of the game.

Wed, 06/15/2011

Cricket Canada is seeking a volunteer Team Manager to manage the Senior Men's Team.

Reporting to the chairman of the high performance committee, the successful candidate should have the following skills:

Proven leadership ability.
Previous successful team manager experience - preferably at C.C. Events.
Previous successful International Team Manager experience.
Good administrative skills - handle finance, tickets, scheduling, etc.
Pre-Planning and Organizational ability.
Knowledge of C.C. policies and procedures.
Ability and willingness to delegate.
Public speaking ability/social presence.
Ability to work well with others.
Reporting ability and willingness to report within prearranged time frames.
Ability to communicate to and relate well with players and other team management.
Good written communication ability.
Good understanding of tour cricket, business and social environment.
Shows no bias and has a record of fair and impartial dealing.
Easily takes and maintains the leader role/can gain the respect of the team.
Ability to set and maintain standards/guidelines
Ability to fairly evaluate non-standard behaviour, then take necessary disciplinary action.
Applications are due in to June 30, 2011.

Mon, 06/13/2011

Quebec has taken home the first major Cricket Canada trophy of the year by winning the Atlantic T20 tournament. The tournament which was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia included Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Quebec finished on top of the table at 4-0, followed by Nova Scotia as the two fought a tough contested battle on Sunday in the tournament's defacto final.

Nova Scotia (155-4) def Newfoundland (94-6)
Newfoundland (123-6) def PEI (113)
Nova Scotia (273-2) def PEI (62)
New Brunswick (191-6) def PEI (73)
Nova Scotia (53-6) def New Brunswick (53-6)
Quebec (151) def Newfoundland (36)
Quebec (197-8) def PEI (96-9)
Quebec (212-3) def New Brunswick (82-2)
Quebec (95-2) def Nova Scotia (89)
Newfoundland (110-4) def New Brunswick (107-7)

Sun, 06/12/2011

Quebec and Nova Scotia seem destined for a one off clash for the Atlantic T20 tournament as both teams have rolled through the tournament undefeated. Nova Scotia had a slight wobble against New Brunswick in a low scoring thriller on Saturday but have secured a chance at the title against Quebec on Sunday, provided Quebec can get by New Brunswick in the Sunday morning match.

Sat, 06/11/2011

Hosts Nova Scotia took the honours on the first day of the Atlantic T20 tournament defeating Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island in convincing fashion to top the table at 2-0. Newfoundland got by Prince Edward Island to finish the day 1-1 while PEI will search for their first win on Saturday against New Brunswick. Quebec and New Brunswick join the action on Saturday as the tournament continues through the weekend.

Fri, 06/10/2011

The annual Atlantic T20 tournament will take place this weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The event has grown in stature over the past few years and now includes Newfoundland as cricket is now played truly from coast to coast. Quebec has joined the tournament in 2011 and Cricket Canada is proud to partner with the member provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec to make this event a success.

Match Schedule

Friday June 10, 2011

Newfoundland vs. Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island vs. Newfoundland
Nova Scotia vs. Prince Edward Island

Saturday June 11, 2011

Prince Edward Island vs. New Brunswick
New Brunswick vs. Nova Scotia
Quebec vs. Newfoundland
Prince Edward Island vs. Quebec

Sunday June 11, 2011

Quebec vs. New Brunswick
Quebec vs. Nova Scotia
New Brunswick vs. Newfoundland

Fri, 06/10/2011

Cricket Canada continues to push into exciting new areas as the Toronto and District Cricket Association is proud to announce Canada's first ever women's league.

The league will start next week in Toronto with 4 women's teams competing in a round robin and playoffs.

This exciting new venture coincides with women's cricket continuing to flourish in Western Canada as the Wicket Maiden's will continue their play in the Victoria and District Cricket League. In Alberta, the Calgary Women's team will play in the community T20 division as well as travel to Edmonton for the women's intercity match in August. Edmonton will travel to Calgary in July. BC and Alberta will also compete in the second Western Canadian Championships during the July long weekend

TDCA 2011 Women's Schedule


Wed, 03/23/2011

World Cup Performance

Canada viewed this World Cup as a major turning point in their cricketing journey. Self reliance appeared to be a mirage until this tournament, but according to board president Ranjit Sahni, sponsors are beginning to show up at their door. Plans are afoot to launch a five-team competition along the lines of the IPL in Canada, with the involvement of foreign players. They are striving to go beyond the handouts they get from the ICC and script their own destiny. Much depended on their young team stringing together a few good performances in this tournament and they have done that.

They gave a real scare to England in the warm-up game but were pinned down near the line by Stuart Broad. Realistically, their goal was to beat Kenya, the other Associate team in their group, and maybe also beat Zimbabwe. They achieved a five-wicket win over Kenya but were thumped by Zimbabwe. Where they really sparkled, albeit in phases, was against some of the Full Members. Apart from that warm-up encounter against England, they bowled out Pakistan for 184 and reached 104 for 3 before collapsing for 138. Against Australia, they raced to 82 for 1 in just 11 overs, courtesy of a dazzling knock from Hiral Patel, and reached 150 for 2 in the 29th over before the inevitable collapse.


A win is priceless and so the defeat of Kenya stands out. To make the Australian captain lose his rag – a frustrated Ricky Ponting threw down the ball in anger, ostensibly due to a team-mate, but Canada’s blitz would have contributed to his overall sombre mood – was another mini-highlight. But the two performances against Pakistan and England will be treasured. They came close to beating both and if not for Broad and the wily Shahid Afridi, they might even have done it.

Thu, 03/10/2011

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