Thu, 02/07/2013

The HOWZATT Super League T20 got off to a flier on Wednesday at Guaracarra Park in Trinidad. Canada's bats that struggled in the 3-day match came to life against the Caribbean T20 champions and Champion's League participants. Batting first, skipper Rizwan Cheema hit form with a swashbuckling 44 from 30 balls including 2 sixes. Cheema and Ruvindu Gunasekera (20) se tthe table and then Jimmy Hansra (40* 2 x 4s, 2 x 6s) and Damodar Daesrath (23 off 17) took Canada to their highest ever T20 total against T&T.

T&T went after the tricky target with some fervour and reached the target in the 16th over with Evin Lewis (53*) and Kjorn Ottley (61*) doing the damage for the hosts.

Match 2 of the Howzatt SuperLeague T20 goes Thursday also from Guaracarra Park



Nos BATSMEN How Out / Positions BOWLERS Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's
13 Hiral Patel st wkpr N Pooran Yannick Ottley 3 5 4    
99 c Rizwan Cheema lbw b Ump Sanowar Imran Khan 44 41 30 4 2
57 Ruvindu Gunasekera c K Ottley mid wkt Ansil Bhagan 20 39 24 1  
68 Amarbir Hansra NOT  OUT   40 45 42 2 2
4 Damodar Daesrath c sub Y Cariah long on Imran Khan 23 27 17 3  
63 Usman Limbada NOT  OUT   3 13 3    
61 wk Tariq Hamza              
81 Junaid Siddiqui              
14 Nikhil Dutta              
17 Henry Osinde              
58 Jeremy Gordon              
  UMPIRES   Penalty Runs - 0 Totals 120 10 4
south Kellman Kowlessar   Byes - 0     Time Runs
north Anthony Sanowar   Leg Byes - 3     759 50
  STATISTICIAN Stand by UMPIRE Wides - 6     835 100
  Rohit Balkissoon Ramsahai Ramessar No Balls - 0        
  Run Rate Per Over - 7.1 TOTAL SCORE - 142        


Shannon Gabriel
  4 0 31 0 1
Yannick Ottley   4 0 19 1 3
Ansil Bhagan   4 1 21 1 2
Rayad Emrit   4 0 37 0  
Imran Khan   4 0 31 2  

Nos BATSMEN How Out / Positions BOWLERS Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's
48 Justin Guillen c U Limbada mid wkt Junaid Siddiqui 17 27 20 3  
17 Evin Lewis NOT  OUT   53 77 42 5 2
27 Kjorn Ottley NOT  OUT   61 49 35 7 2

  Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wds NB 4's 6's Econ
Amarbir Hansra   4 0 28 0 1   3 1 7
Henry Osinde   3 0 28 0 4   4   9.333333333
Junaid Siddiqui   3.1 0 15 1   1 1   4.838709677
Rizwan Cheema   3 0 33 0     3 2 11
Nikhil Dutta   2 0 28 0     4 1 14
Jeremy Gordon   1 0 6 0 1       6
Tue, 02/05/2013

T&T continued their fine form in the 3-day match dismissing Canada for 191 on day 3 to win comfortably by an innings and 130 runs. Despite a great start from Canada's openers, only Hamza Tariq (31) and Junaid Siddiqui (24) were able to stage meaningful resistance but the target was just too much to ask.

Amit Jaggernauth was too much to handle for the Canadians picking up 6 wickets in the innings.


Nos BATSMEN How Out / Positions BOWLERS Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's
1 Hiral Patel c J Guillen slip Amit Jaggernauth 32 107 79 5  
2 Ruvindu Gunasekera c Imran Khan cover Amit Jaggernauth 44 141 99 4 1
3 Usman Limbada c J Guillen cover Kavesh Kantasingh 0 4 6    
4 Amarbir Hansra lbw b Ump Lakhram Imran Khan 5 24 25    
5 Nitish Kumar c E Lewis bat pad Amit Jaggernauth 6 53 39    
6 Damodar Daesrath lbw b Ump Rajkumar Amit Jaggernauth 13 53 41 2  
7 Rizwan Cheema c I Khan deep mid wkt Amit Jaggernauth 18 17 17   2
8 Tariq Hamza lbw b Ump Lakhram Kavesh Kantasingh 31 55 44 4 1
9 Junaid Siddiqui lbw b Ump Lakhram Kavesh Kantasingh 23 33 45 2  
10 Rayyankhan Pathan c I Khan deep mid wkt Amit Jaggernauth 8 16 16   1
11 Jeremy Gordon NOT  OUT   0 2 0    
      Byes - 10 Totals 411 17 5
Inns CANADA Trinidad and Tobago Leg Byes - 1        
1st 135 456 for 7 dec Wides - 0   Inns started - 300 pm
2nd 191   No Balls - 0   and ended at - 1146 am
Day   lead by 321 on 1st inns TOTAL SCORE - 191 Day 3 28.3 overs  

     BOWLERS     Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides Nball
Shannon Gabriel   4 0 16 0    
Rayad Emrit   6 1 15 0    

Kavesh Kantasingh
15 6 28 3    

Amit Jaggernauth
27.3 10 84 6    
Imran Khan   16 5 37 1    


Mon, 02/04/2013

Canada fought its way to 99-4 in reply to T&T's massive total of 456-7 on day 2 of the 3 day match at NCC in T&T. After getting to 196-3 at close of play, T&T batted on led by Jason Mohammed (112).  Junaid Siddiqui was the pick of Canada's bowlers at 3-94. 

Ruvindu Gunasekera (44) and Hiral Patel (32) got Canada off to the start that the would have wanted chasing a massive target but their departure coinciding with the loss of Hansra and Limbada cheaply have left Canada much to do to save the match.

Sun, 02/03/2013

Junaid Siddiqui put on a brave showing for Canada scoring 34 at the bottom of the order and taking two wickets but played a lone hand as Canada's batsmen struggled after winning the toss and batting first at the National Cricket Centre. 

In Canada's first match of the tour, a 3-Dayer against a strong T&T side, skipper Jimmy Hansra backed his men to get off to a good start but  that was not to happen on a firm and easy paced pitch. Hiral Patel (17) fell to a yorker while Ruvindu Gunasekera (19) was caught hooking in the deep. Usman Limbada fell quickly at 3 while the captain departed shortly after leaving Canada sagging early on. Nitish Kumar  (22) attempted to stymie the rot but edged one to slip starting another mini collapse. Siddiqui and Hamza Tariq pulled Canada to a measure of respectability but it there was not much else in the offing as Canada were wrapped up in under 4 hours. 

In reply the hosts moved comfortably into the lead and ended the day at 194-3 after an Evan Lewis century. Jason Mohammed (25*) and captain Dinish Ramdin (1*) will resume for T&T in the morning. 

Brief Scores



Nos BATSMEN How Out / Positions BOWLERS / Ends Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's
1 Hiral Patel bowled Shannon Gabriel (s) 17 34 24 3  
2 Ruvindu Gunasekera c wk D Ramdin Shannon Gabriel (s) 19 41 25 3  
3 Usman Limbada lbw  Kavesh Kantasingh (n) 1 12 4    
4 c Amarbir Hansra bowled   Kavesh Kantasingh (n) 7 47 43 1  
5 Nitish Kumar c A Jaggernauth  Imran Khan (n) 22 56 41 2  
6 Damodar Daesrath c S Gabriel Amit Jaggernauth (s) 2 17 18    
7 Rizwan Cheema c M Barclay Imran Khan (n) 0 7 3    
8 wk Tariq Hamza c A Jaggernauth Shannon Gabriel (s) 17 37 30 2  
9 Junaid Siddiqui c K Kantasingh  Yannick Cariah (s) 34 70 58 3  
10 Manninder Aulakh lbw  Yannick Cariah (s) 10 40 23 2  
11 Rayyankhan Pathan NOT  OUT   0 2 0    
      Byes - 4 Totals 269 16 0
      Leg Byes - 1        
  CANADA     Wides - 0   Inns started - 1020 am
Runs Wickets Overs No Balls - 1   and ended at - 206 pm
135 10 44.4 TOTAL SCORE - 135        



     BOWLERS     Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides Nball 4's 6's
Shannon Gabriel   9 1 35 3   1 5  
Rayad Emrit   6 1 29 0     6  
Kavesh Kantasingh 10 3 14 2     1  
Amit Jaggernauth 9 3 14 1        
Imran Khan   10 0 38 2     4  
Yannick Cariah   0.4 0 0 2        



Nos BATSMEN How Out / Positions BOWLERS Runs Mins Balls 4's 6's
1 Justin Guillen c D Daesrath slip Junaid Siddiqui (n) 58 104 70 8  
2 Evin Lewis c H Patel deep mid wkt Junaid Siddiqui (n) 101 182 95 19  
3 Marlon Barclay lbw b Ump Lakhram Amarbir Hansra (s) 4 21 12    
4 Jason Mohammed NOT  OUT   25 8 73 3  
5 c wk Denesh Ramdin NOT  OUT   1 2 4    



     BOWLERS     Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Wides Nball 4's 6's
Jeremy Gordon   8 0 44 0   1 6  
Manninder Aulakh   1 0 6 0   1    
Amarbir Hansra   8 3 20 1     3  
Rayyankhan Pathan 4 0 30 0 1   5  
Rizwan Cheema   9 2 34 0     6  
Junaid Siddiqui   8 1 44 2     8  
Hiral Patel   4 0 14 0     2  


Mon, 12/17/2012

Please note that the Cricket Canada office will be closed December 22, 2012 through January 1, 2013, inclusive.

Thu, 12/13/2012


Cricket Council of Ontario is pleased to announce the Ontario junior program coaching team.
The team will work under the direct supervision of Shah-Saleem Zafar, in charge of Junior Program Development for Cricket Council of Ontario. The new structure, with qualified coaches is a key area of progression for Ontario junior Cricket development program and the aim is to get more Ontario players to move into high Performance group and ultimately to go on and play for Canada and first class cricket.
I believe all the coaches are passionate about coaching youth, have extensive experience, skills and enthusiasm to make a significant contribution to the cricket program in Ontario and Canada.
Farouk Kirmani, who has been recently appointed as Ontario Head Coach will lead the coaching team.
Please join me in welcoming Farouk Kirmani, Kantharatnam Shanthikumar. ( Shanthi), Sanjeewa Perera, Dr. Sameer Bhagirathi and Philip Navaratne to the Ontario Cricket Council Coaching team and in congratulating all of them on their new roles. I know they will be
great additions to the Ontario junior program leadership team.
Coaches profile:
Farouk Kirmani:
Former first class player, team Canada Captain, ICC level 1, and Cricket Canada Level 2 certified coach with 10 years cricket coaching experience, specialization in Team Formation, results-focused and challenge-driven cricket coach with extensive experience in junior coaching. He excels in leadership, understands the value of goal setting and the importance of teamwork. He has ability to bounce groom players, and help players improve on weaknesses. He emphasizes that success can only be obtained through hard work and approaching each task with a positive attitude. His career achievements includes – 2 U-15 Championship titles 2008 & 2009, Canadian National U19 Team Coach (ICC Intercontinental Cup, 2009), Assistant Coach to U19 Team World Cup in New Zealand in 2010, Established Canadian Junior Elite Program and Coached Ontario U18 – Canada Cup Title 2012 in Vancouver.
Kantharatnam Shanthikumar. ( Shanthi):
Shanti is a former first class players and member of team Canada and team Bhrain and ICC level 1 certified coach. Shanit has extensive experience in junior coaching in Canada. He has been part of the Ontario and Canada junior program for many years. Shanti was TDCA High Performance coach and Canadian U15 coach that took part in Americas tournament in 2011. His career achievement includes Coach of Canadian u-15, Manager Canadian U-15 team and Ontario U19 at various occasions. He also served as a board member of the Toronto Cricket Association.
Sanjeewa Perera: Sanjeewa is a former first class cricketer in Sri-Lanka and Cricket Australia/ICC level 1 certified coach and has National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) Canada Level 2 Certification. Sanjeewa has played first class cricket in Sri-Lanka for 6 years. Sanjeewa is currently a head coach of Alliance Cricket Club in Toronto, Coaching two teams. His is responsible for Technical and player development. He is also a member of Cricket Coaches Australia and Coaches Association of Ontario.
Dr. Sameer Bhagirathi: Sameer has strong Ph.D degree in Physical Education, along with Diploma in coaching cricket and ICC level 1 coaching and tutor/assessor certification. Sameer has strong ability to teach youngster basics and fundamentals of cricket. He has been head coach of several universities in India and was head coach Toronto Tower of OPLT20 league. Sameer will be a great asset to the organization to teach fundamentals of the game.
Philip Navaratne: Phil is a former first class cricketer in Sri-Lanka and head coach for Durham Cricket Academy with ICC level 1 certified coach, has National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) Canada multi-sports Level 3 Certification, Certified Coach Accreditation Tutor Instructor ICC-Level 1 and Certified Coach Accreditation Tutor Instructor ICC-Level 1. Phil is a head coach for Durham Cricket Academy, Assistant coach for Ontario U18 Canada Cup program 2012. Phil is currently assisting in coaching Cricket Canada U19 program and with the National High performance coaching squad.
Shah-Saleem Zafar: Shah has played cricket at university and District level (grade 1) competition in Karachi, Pakistan, played in Toronto in 1970s. Shah is ICC level 1 certified coach and currently coaching several high performance youth at Cricket Academy Canada in Mississauga. Shah bring vast Experience and knowledge of coaching and coaching education system, sound knowledge of developing cricket structures for junior program, Training under structure programs, Identification of deficiencies and improve upon technical weaknesses and raise tactical Skill awareness along with knowledge to improve mental approach to the game and video Analysis.
Shah Zafar
Cricket Council of Ontario
Mon, 11/26/2012

Cricket Canada is pleased to announce the folllwing twenty five players to form Canada's 2013 U19 Training Squad.  The squad is training in preparation for the 2013 ICC Americas tournament (July 7th - 14th) where the winner will advance to the 2013 ICC U19 Cricket World Cup.

1. Nitish Kumar – Scarborough, Ontario
2. Armaan Kapoor – Brampton, Ontario
3. Nikhil Dutta – Mississauga, Ontario
4. Stephan Joseph – Scarborough, Ontario
5. Siddhanth Shekhar – Mississauga, Ontario
6. Abrash Khan – Mississauga, Ontario
7. Anikit Joshi – Brampton, Ontario
8. Stephen Rajasingam – Toronto, Ontario
9. Prushoth Wijayaraj – Toronto, Ontario
10. Shan Anatharajah – Mississauga, Ontario
11. Manula Adihetly – Toronto, Ontario
12. Arjune Parikh – Mississauga, Ontario
13. Sudeepta Aurka – Calgary, Alberta
14. Farhan Malik – Edmonton, Alberta
15. Wardan Haq – Calgary, Alberta
16. Burhan Barbar – Calgary, Alberta
17. Ankit Karwal – Calgary, Alberta
18. Miraj Patel – Calgary, Alberta
19. Trevor Manoosingh – Winnipeg, Manitoba
20. Vasu Shah – Winnipeg, Manitoba
21. Gurkaran Dhillon – Vancouver, British Columbia
22. Bakshpreet Gill – Vancouver, British Columbia
23. Avneet Virdi – Vancouver, British Columbia
24. Amanpal Gillar – Vancouver, British Columbia
25. Lovejeet Brar- Vancouver, British Columbia
Thu, 11/22/2012

The Cricket Council of Ontario is seeking volunteers from across Ontario to fill key high performance positions within the organization.

1. Volunteer Opportunity for Junior Development Program Committee

The Cricket Council of Ontario is looking for enthusiastic volunteers (2) to assist Cricket Council of Ontario junior Development Program committee in developing Ontario Junior cricket development program. As a member of the committee, you will play active role in the development and successful operation of a Junior Cricket development program to promote the development of youth cricketers in Ontario.

If your child is playing junior cricket in Ontario, you are eligible to apply to be member of the committee. Additional desired qualifications includes good communication skills, strong organizational skills, team member skills, and ability to manage deadlines. 

The term of a Committee member appointment is two (2) years and is renewable.

If you meet the requirement and interested in the positions, please email your brief CV to Shah Zafar at by December 1st, 2012.

2.  Ontario Selectors (Junior teams U13-19) (3 Position)

The Cricket Council of Ontario is looking for enthusiastic volunteers (3) to assist in selection of Ontario junior teams (U13-19) for various tournaments including Regional Championship and National Championship. As a member of the committee, you will play active role in identifying and selection of players who will most capably representing Ontario at the Regional and National Championship,  tournaments and tours and skill development Camps. 

The preparation of a squad/team is under-taken through Skill development camps, competitions and trials.

Qualification: First Class playing accreditation or equivalent experience is essential with experience in player assessment and selection


·        Sound knowledge of the game at high-level competitions.

·        Understanding of the standards and demands of provincial, national and international competitions.

·        Effective interpersonal skills

·        Understand and exhibit an ability to apply natural justice

·        An objective decision maker

·        Ability to maintain integrity and confidentiality

·        Ability to identify potentially elite players

·        Ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player's performance

·        Ability to judge as to whether a player can make the transition to the next level

·        Ability to assess player's physical and mental attitude

·        Demonstrated success as a selector at a Provincial and/or national elite level

The term of appointment of selection committee member is for one year and is renewable.

If you meet the requirement and interested in the positions, please email your brief CV to Shah Zafar at by December 1st, 2012.


Sat, 11/17/2012

Canada and the USA split two T20 matches on the final day of Canada' s tour of USA on Saturday. Canada ended the tour retaining the Auty Cup wtih a draw, winning the 50 over match and winning one of the two T20 matches. 

Canada's Raza Rehman was the standout player of the tour striking with both the bat and ball in each of the four matches. 


Fri, 11/16/2012

Canada succesfully chased down the USA target of 194 in 46.5 overs on Saturday. Led by a half century from Usman Limbada (64) with support from Ruvindu Gunasekera (40) and Damodar Desarath (37), Canada overcame some early wobbles to coast to a 4 wicket victory. Earlier in the day, Raza Rehman continued his sparkling form on the tour, this time with the ball picking up 5-27 and holding the USA to a subpar total.