February 7, 2012

BC has lost one of the longest lasting legendary stalwarts of cricket.  He will be long remembered for his long and dedicated service to cricket both near and far.

As a human being, he was kind, generous, and compassionate and he was endowed with a refreshing sense of humour. Endeared by all, he mixed with players from all backgrounds and levels. He also had a humanitarian instinct and a philanthropic disposition. He was benevolent and generous and helped create opportunities for many promising cricketers.
Throughout his life, he maintained an insatiable passion for cricket.
One of the best ambassadors of BC and Canadian cricket, he took, managed and led touring teams to many parts of the globe. He deflected any focus on himself by calling his team BC Cricket Club, which simultaneously boosted the image of cricket in our province.
He inherited some of the common graces from his dad, whom he was very close to, and whom I met in 1969 in Lancashire when we were on tour. He was always jovial and loved to entertain and make others happy. On tour he would always make sure that each individual was well looked after.
He was captain of the Canadian team of which I was a member from 1969 to 1972. He led with humility, passion and fairness. He himself was a batsman who loved long innings, symbolic of his long service to cricket.
He possessed an uncommon and extensive range of human attributes.
His singing talent won him a regular role in TUTS, an annual musical event at Stanley Park.
He demonstrated and utilized his administrative skills at local, provincial, national and international levels. He would take on any job given to him, and do it well.
Befitting to the BCMCL trophy named after him, his name was synonymous with good sportsmanship, which he epitomised.
He had the personality that united rather than exacerbated differences. During my term as BCCA president in the decade of the nineties, he played a pivotal role in ameliorating relations between BCCA and the BCMCL.
Clifford Cox used his many God given talents and gifts to transform the cricket community wherever it was fortunate to have his presence.
There is so much more that could be said about a man that will leave everyone who met him with an indelible memory.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely wife, Doreen and family during this time of grief.
Ben Seebaran is a former Canadian selector and administrator from Vancouver