November 24, 2013
Our loss on Saturday coupled with Italy's win over UAE has confirmed that Canada will not advance to the play-off round and hence not participate in the 2014 Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. 
We would like to congratulate Ireland and Afghanistan for moving on to Bangladesh as well as the 6 other countries who moved on to the second round, looking for one of the last 4 qualification spots, for a well played tournament to date.
Like many of our fans and supporters we are surprised and disappointed by the results that have come out of Abu Dhabi. With our late summer and pre-tour form, as well as our performance in the warm-up matches, there was no indication of what was to come in the first few days of the tournament. Unfortunately we were not able to recover from the shock loss to the United States,or the thriller against Ireland ,in the first days of the tournament, and things unraveled from there.
We know as an organization that the performance in the World Twenty20 Qualifier is unacceptable however, we also know that it is not indicative of the ability of our side or the efforts made to prepare the team for this tournament. We also know that our supporters and stakeholders deserve a better result than what occured in Abu Dhabi.
While this was certainly an unwelcome situation, we had been prepared for any scenario coming out of the tournament and ,while this is certainly the worst case, we do have go forward plans ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in 6 weeks time. We will be moving forward with these plans immediately and expect to be in the thick of the competition in New Zealand.
We do still have much to look forward to with our men's team looking to secure places in the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and the ICC High Performance Program in January. Our  under 19 team will compete in the u19 Cricket World Cup in UAE and our women's  team will be looking to secure a place in the next Women's World Cup. Cricket is still on the rise in Canada as thousands of people continue to take up the game at all levels each year as we find new and exciting ways to feed the growing desire for Canadian's to play. We continue to make strides off the field and support our teams like never before on the field.
It is a dissapointing result but by no means the end of the road, from today we look forward to reaching our potential as an organization.
Thank you once again to all our supporters, your passion for our teams,win or lose, continues to drive us all to do the best we can for the game we love.
Ravin Moorthy
Cricket Canada