Cricket Canada Seeks Applications

Senior Men's Team Manager
June 15, 2011

Cricket Canada is seeking a volunteer Team Manager to manage the Senior Men's Team.

Reporting to the chairman of the high performance committee, the successful candidate should have the following skills:

Proven leadership ability.
Previous successful team manager experience - preferably at C.C. Events.
Previous successful International Team Manager experience.
Good administrative skills - handle finance, tickets, scheduling, etc.
Pre-Planning and Organizational ability.
Knowledge of C.C. policies and procedures.
Ability and willingness to delegate.
Public speaking ability/social presence.
Ability to work well with others.
Reporting ability and willingness to report within prearranged time frames.
Ability to communicate to and relate well with players and other team management.
Good written communication ability.
Good understanding of tour cricket, business and social environment.
Shows no bias and has a record of fair and impartial dealing.
Easily takes and maintains the leader role/can gain the respect of the team.
Ability to set and maintain standards/guidelines
Ability to fairly evaluate non-standard behaviour, then take necessary disciplinary action.
Applications are due in to June 30, 2011.