Atlantic T20 Tournament

Day 3 Results
June 13, 2011

Quebec has taken home the first major Cricket Canada trophy of the year by winning the Atlantic T20 tournament. The tournament which was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia included Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Quebec finished on top of the table at 4-0, followed by Nova Scotia as the two fought a tough contested battle on Sunday in the tournament's defacto final.

Nova Scotia (155-4) def Newfoundland (94-6)
Newfoundland (123-6) def PEI (113)
Nova Scotia (273-2) def PEI (62)
New Brunswick (191-6) def PEI (73)
Nova Scotia (53-6) def New Brunswick (53-6)
Quebec (151) def Newfoundland (36)
Quebec (197-8) def PEI (96-9)
Quebec (212-3) def New Brunswick (82-2)
Quebec (95-2) def Nova Scotia (89)
Newfoundland (110-4) def New Brunswick (107-7)