Thu, 09/01/2011

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Sun, 08/28/2011

The organizers pulled off a successful weekend of the National League T20 (Western Division) at lovely, aesthetic Victoria Park, Edmonton (Aug. 27/28).  Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia were the participating provinces.  The late-summer weather was ideal for the tournament with temperature hovering around 26  throughout and clear, blue skies all around.

The weekend saw high-level competition, exceptional athleticism and hard-hitting cricket. Three national selectors were on hand (Angus Melder, Keith Deonarine and Chris James), scouting new talents and they may have found a few. Also in attendance were national analyst Rathan Moorthy, Cricket Alberta president Manzoor Chaudhary, Edmonton and District Cricket League president, George Robinson, National Umpire Coordinator, Ken Patel, and a host of others.

The tournament final was, for all intents and purposes, a showdown between old rivals Alberta and British Columbia, featuring many fine national stars like Hamza Tariq, Khurram Chohan and Jimmy Hansra as well as Tyson Gordon and Grant Broadhurst. In the final match, Alberta won the toss and elected to bat first and after scoring at torrid pace in excess of 10 runs an over in the first 4, slowed considerably to manage a paltry 128 in their allotted 18 overs (matches reduced to save time as some players had to catch a plane ride home).

BC knocked off the target with relative ease in only 13.2 overs. Man-of-the Match and Man-of-the Series, Gagan Dhillon (66), made the Alberta attack look like a walk in the Park. Towering sixes were hit all over the ground. It was a rare treat for the many fans present. B C will now travel to Toronto for the national championship in September. Alberta were clearly disappointed with their effort on this day.

Match Referee Angus Melder managed the proceedings with verve, professionalism and aplomb. George Robinson worked tirelessly and many long hours (in the run-up to, and during, the tournament) to get the ground, the food and other logistics in place. Anil Velji was the lone scorer and did a very good job keeping an accurate account of the stats.

The umpiring standard was outstanding, and the correct decisions adjudicated at 97.5 percentile. The roster included Hafeez Rehman, Dilip Pachigar, Sanjeev Kad and Ron Saywack, some of the best in Canada. There were no major incidents and the players were highly appreciative of the effort the men in red and black put in.


  1. The players also relished batting on the new VP strip and look forward to returning in the future;
  2. Gaurav Kumar (BC) made an impression with the bat and could be on the Canadian squad soon.
  3. Edmonton, as always, were great accommodating hosts.
  4. Canada u19 player Sudeepta Aurka was named runner up for Player of the Series.
  5. This was the first Cricket Canada event held outside of Ontario that was played on turf.
Sat, 08/27/2011

The Western Division of the national T20 gets underway this morning in Edmonton. 

Canadian skipper Jimmy Hansra headlines the list of national stars in the tournament that includes Tyson Gordon, Khurram Chohan, Hamza Tariq, Zeeshan Siddiqui and u19 players Maninder Aulakh and Sudeepta Aurka.

Manitoba 116-6 defeats Saskatchewan 115-9

Alberta 64-1 defeats Saskatchewan 63

BC 89-3 defeats Manitoba 88-7

Alberta 1 1 0 0 0 2
BC 1 1 0 0 0 2
Manitoba 2 1 1 0 0 2
SK 2 0 2 0 0 0


Fri, 08/26/2011

Canada lose a narrow one to Bermuda leaving USA to win the tournament on net run rate. 

Fri, 08/26/2011

Cricket Alberta will host the inaugural Western Division of Cricket Canada’s NATIONAL LEAGUE T20 this weekend (August 27th & 28th) at picturesque Victoria Park. 

This new look Inter-Provincial western series of six (6) matches played between Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan will take place on the VP’s newly minted turf.

The natural turf at Edmonton’s Victoria Park is the first outside of Ontario and one of three facility development projects by Cricket Canada.  Projects in Winnipeg and Abbotsford are expected to begin construction in the near future.

The NATIONAL LEAGUE structure has four components:  The Atlantic Division was a regional qualifier conducted in Halifax from June 10th – 12th between Nova Scotia, Newbrunswick, Newfoundland, PEI, & Quebec with Quebec being the eventual winners.   

Quebec then hosted Ontario in the Eastern Division final which was won convincingly by Ontario.  The NATIONAL LEAGUE FINAL will be held on October 1st in Toronto between Ontario and winner of the Western Division.

Cricket Canada’s 1st VP, Ravin Moorthy, was buoyant on the potential long term success of the series.

“We are pleased to have conducted this tournament in 2011 despite a very tight domestic budget.  This was only possible with the commitment of all of our member organizations.  The long term vision, as discussed at Cricket Canada’s AGM earlier this year, is to include all three formats of the game into the NATIONAL LEAGUE and set the basis for Canada’s domestic structure.”

Match coverage will be provide on via Cover it Live, and match updates and scorecards on Cricinfo.

The Western Division will feature the top players in Western Canada with 11 national players (Senior, Junior, & Canada A) taking part.


Saturday August 27th

Manitoba vs Saskatchewan | 10am
Saskatchewan vs Alberta | 1pm
British Columbia vs Manitoba | 4pm

Sunday August 28th

Saskatchewan vs British Columbia | 8:30am
Alberta vs Manitoba | 11:30am
Alberta vs British Columbia | 2:30pm



Khurram Chohan (Captain), Tyson Gordon (V.Captain), Hamza Tariq, Grant Broadhurst, Parveen Saroye, Shehzad Bashir, Sudeepta Aurka, Umar Kahloon, Abdul Sattar, Yawar Abbas, Wahid Noori, Khurram Abbas, Zain Ahmed, Zahid Chaudhry, Farhan Pervez. Manager – Adnan Kirmani, Coach – Rathan Moorthy.


Amarbir (Jimmy) Hansra (Captain), Manrick Singh, Balqiaz Khan, Jawad Dawood, Gagan Dhillon, Jason Sandher, Awais Ahmed, Rashid Masood, Gaurav Kumar, Riaz Afridi, Maninderjit (Manny) Aulakh, Sunny Gainder,Umer Nawaz. Manager – Akhtar Nawaz.


Sampath Wijewardana, Heera Khasla, Joeseph Lovelace, Ahadullah Khojazada, Zeeshan Siddiqui, Akhlas Umar, Jagjit Gurm, Inderjit Sodha, Jatinder Matharu, Suresh Jayaraman, Trevor Manoosingh, Sidney Roberts, Harpreet Manes. Manager – Ron Dipchand.


Iftekhar Kalyar (Captain), Mustaf Rashid, Harry Sandhu, Parag Singh, Shahid Latif, Asif Mulla, Saadi Ahmad, Simran Dosanjh, Sarabjit Kundhi, Narinder Bhandal, Armin Madahar, Harmohan Bajwa, Gurjit Singh Teja, Manager - Mike Sharma.

Thu, 08/25/2011

After an inauspicious start, Canada has vaulted into a great position heading into the final match of the ICC America's u15 T20 Tournament in Winnipeg

Final Scorecard - UNOFFICIAL

CanadaU15 VS USA U15
Sunday August 25 2011
Assiniboine Park Cricket Ground, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


1 Thakar c Makin b Parikh 2/8
2 K Ramdath c Mogalayapalli b Athavale 43/64
3 Dickson run out Singh/Makin 25/49
4 Senathirajah b Altekar 33/33
5 Ferdinands run out Patel/Makin 12/24
6 Khan c Athavale b Singh 30/37
7 Patel c Mogalayapalli b Parikh 17/18
8 Adihetly run out Singh 0/0
9 Atwal not out 6/5
10 Singh c Altekar b Singh 0/2
11 Hart not out 0/0 

FOW 5-1,75-2,77-3,113-5,129-4,164-7,165-8,180-6,180-9

Extras w12 b1 13

Total 181 for 9 from 40 overs


1 Parikh 8-0-2-29
2 Bhise 8-0-0-32
3 Srinivas 8-1-0-25
4 Altekar 5-0-1-41
5 Athavale 6-0-1-39
6 Singh 5-0-2-14


1 Singh c Senathirajah b Ramdath 21/35
2 Gobin stumped Singh b Adihetly 28/70
3 Tagare c Hart b Ramdath 0/4
4 Altekar c Hart b Ferdinands 48/51
5 Parikh c Senathirajah b Ferdinands 17/24
6 Makin c Thakar b Ferdinands 1/6
7 Patel c Hart b Ferdinands 10/17
8 Mogalayapalli run out Thakar/Adihelty 5/5
9 Athavale c Hart b Ferdinands 8/15
10 Bhise c Singh b Khan 2/11
11 Srinivas not out 1/1


1 Senathirajah 2-0-0-20
2 Abraash Khan 6.4-0-1-21
3 Atwal 6-1-0-8
4 Ferdinands 8-2-5-36
5 Ramdath 6-1-2-25
6 Adihetly 8-1-1-30
7 Patel 3-0-0-14

Wed, 08/24/2011

Bermuda Batting
1 Commissiong run out Athavale/Makin 17/58 
2 Smith lbw b Bhise 1/3
3 Rawlins c Altekar b Narayan 39/64 
4 Dore lbw b Athivale 24/41
5 Darrell lbw b Dat 0/5 
6 6 Bean-Wilson run out Mogalayapalli/Makin 

7 Bell c Mogalayapalli b Bhise 37/21
8 Gibbons-Wade not out 23/11
9 Perozzi not out 0/3
10 Liyanage DNB
11 Outerbridge DNB

Extras w30 b10 lb2 - 42
Total 213 for 7 40 overs

FOW 8-2, 82-1, 82-3, 84-5, 143-4,147-6,211-7

USA Bowling
1 Bhise 7-2-2-30
2 Parikh 8-0-0-16
3 Altekar 4-0-0-23
4 Athivale 8-0-1-54
5 Narayan 6-1-1-31
6 Dat 5-0-1-24
7 Singh 1-0-0-6
8 Mogalayapalli 1-0-0-17

USA Batting
1 Singh b Liyanage 6/20
2 Gobin c Bean-Wilson b Gibbons-Wade 22/38
3 Tagare c Bean-Wilson b Gibbons-Wade 13/17
4 Altekar lbw b Liyanage 26/36
5 Parikh lbw b Gibbons-Wade 5/10
6 Makin b Gibbons-Wade 65/66
7 Mogalayapalli run out Dore/Rawlins 5/13
8 Dat c Bean-Wilson b Gibbons-Wade 2/8
9 Athavale not out 6/5
10 Bhise b Darrell 2/5
11 Narayan run out Smith 0/0

Extras w31 nb1 b0 lb5 - 37

Total 189 for 10 from 36.2 overs

FOW 22-1,56-2,65-3,76-5,135-4,160-7,179-8,180-6,185-10, 189-11 

Bermuda Bowling
1 Outerbridge 5-0-0-24
2 Liyanage 7-0-2-41
3 Perozzi 4.2-0-0-35
4 Gibbons-Wade 8-1-5-35
5 Rawlins 8-0-0-26
6 Dore 1-0-0-8
7 Darrell 3-0-1-16


Tue, 08/23/2011


Canada U15 VS Bermuda U15
Tuesday August 23 2011
Assiniboine Park Cricket Ground, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Canada won by 100 runs

Canada Batting
Thakar c Dore b Lyange 12/37
Ramdath lbw b Darell 4/10
Ferdinands c Dore b Darrell 5/17
Senathirajah c Gibbons-Wade b Williams 24/31
Dickinnson b Perrozi 6/8
Khan c Darrell b Outerbridge 77/69
Adhihetly c Perrozi b Williams 2/15
Patel b Gibbons-Wade 24/50
Atwal not out 5/5
Ahmed b Liyange 0/2
Singh not out 2/2

extras 46

Total 207 for 9 from 40 overs

FOW: 22-2,33-3,45-1,62-5,102-4,114-7,188-6,197-8,198-10

Barmuda Bowling
1 Outerbridge 8-2-1-33
2 Darrel 6-0-2-35
3 Perrozi 3-0-1-18
4* Liyange 6-1-1-46
5 Williams 7-0-2-45
6 Rawlins 8-4-0-16
7 Gibbons-Wade 2-0-1-10

Bermuda Batting
Commissiong c Sarbjot Singh b khan 10/30
Rawlins c Sarbjot Singh b Senathirajah 9/15
Smith c Sarbjot Singh b Senathirajah 2/4
Dore c dickinson b Ferdinands 25/48
Darrell c Thakar b Atwal 6/17
Gibbons-Wade c Khan b Ferdinands 2/
Bean c&b Adihetly 8/19
Outerbridge c Sarbjot Singh b Ferdinands 7/11
Perrozi lbw Adihetly 1/
Liyange c Sarbjot Singh b Ramdath 4/8
Williams not out 4

Extras 29

Total 107 for 10 in 28 overs

FOW 18-2,30-3,51-1,58-5,78-6,84-4,88-7,96-8,101-9,107-10

Canada Bowling
1 Senathirajah 4-0-2-26
2 Khan 5-0-1-17
3 Atwal 4-0-1-16
4 Ferdinands 8-1-3-24
5 Adihetly 6-0-2-15
6 Ramdath 1-0-1-5

Man of the Match – Abraash Khan
Umpires: Azad Hosein, Karran Bayney and John Lovelace
Scorer – Vasu Shah

Mon, 08/22/2011

Canada has been beaten convincingly by the USA at the u15 ICC America's North Division Championship in Winnipeg today. Batting first, USA galloped to 201-5 in 40 overs. Skipper Dave Parikh lead the way first with 67 runs from 70 balls and then followed that with an amazing performance with the ball 4 for 6 from 8 overs.

Canada are now 0-1 and bottom of the table in the 3 nation tournament. 
Sun, 08/21/2011

The ICC u15 America's North Division 1 tournament takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Assinaboine Park. 

USA got by Bermuda by 15 runs.